THe SpiderWeb Mall   SHop online... feed hungry Americans


Helping Others while You Shop

I just don't get it.  Why wouldn't you shop at the Spiderweb Mall?


It's the easiest way to help feed hungry Americans we know of.

Come to our SuperMall and click on the store at which you wish to shop.  We'll take you there without ever leaving the mall.  Shop like you normally would.  Each store knows you are shopping thru our SuperMall.

We get a percentage of every purchase made.  Percentages vary from store to store.  No matter how large or small it is, you are still helping to feed Hungry Americans while you do what you always do.  Shop online.

We cut out any middlemen because we buy in bulk and have it all shipped directly from the manufacturer to the food pantries.

And you will always shop the same stores with the same savings/prices you always have.

How easy is that?

Shop at your old favorites or try something new.  See a store you've never heard of before?   Go ahead... window shop!!!

If you enjoy music while you shop, please push the play button on the bottom of each page.

--- Talk about us... spread the word about us... share us with everyone you know ---

Because the faster we grow... the more people we can help.

"Bookmark" us.  Share us on the Social Media above.  Make us a friend (Facebook: "Spiderweb Mall") to get notifications.  And remember....

Never shop with anyone with less than 8 arms. 

We can carry more bags!

Let's shop!!!